Changes to the Stamp Duty

Changes to the Stamp Duty

Business leaders in Coventry and Warwickshire described George Osborne’s announcement to change the stamp duty system as ‘pulling a rabbit out of the hat’.  Companies came together to give their verdict on the Chancellor’s final Autumn Statement before the next General Election.  Anne Rose, from Burgis & Bullock (the event sponsors) said, ‘It will be popular with most of the population and is a subtle way of introducing a wealth tax.’

Amrik Bhabra of ADECS said, ‘ I am very much on favour of the changes around apprentices and I am also encouraged by more support for those doing Masters degrees.’

(Coventry & Warwickshire in Business, Issue 45, January/February 2015. Page 4)

How do we make sure young people are ready for work?

The Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce is bringing together companies, councillors, schools and colleges in a bid to ensure  young people get the help needed for them to become the region’s next generation workforce. Amrik Bhabra, Chief Executive of ADECS, was one of the business leaders who attended the meeting.

Evidence has shown that where local businesses are willing to support schools and education it does indeed help get youngsters more ‘work ready’.  76% of companies blamed a lack of work experience for young people not being ready for work.  However, there are a number of companies who are now enthusiastic about offering work experience to youngsters – as a commitment to their local area, and as a bid to prepare the future workforce.

(Coventry & Warwickshire in Business, Issue 44, November/December 2014.  Page 22)