Tourism and Culture Awards 2015

The Coventry and Warwickshire Tourism and Culture Awards were held in October at the Ricoh Arena. A great evening for showcasing some of the regions finest assets. Amongst the winners were – The Belgrade Theatre, Warwick Arts Centre, Fargo Village, Coombe Abbey and the Merchants Inn.

Three special ‘global icon’ awards were also awarded to the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Ricoh Arena, and Coventry Cathedral.

Lady Cobham, chair of VisitEngland, was the special guest on the night. She said, Coventry and Warwickshire is home to an outstanding collection of arts, theatre, music and cultural venues. Visitors can delve into history and heritage that would rival any destination, from museums to grand castles, cathedrals, abbeys and stately homes, exploring remnants of Roman, Elizabethan or Victorian eras.’

September/October Coventry & Warwickshire in Business

Chamber of Commerce’s Business & Trade Expo

Coventry’s Chamber of Commerce held the Business & Trade Expo on Friday the 2nd of October at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre (basically a great big barn alongside a very big field with lots of baa-ing sheep wandering around). Luckily it was a most beautiful day with glorious sunshine as exhibitors battled against the stony pathways to set up their wares in the exhibiting arena. It was a busy day wih plenty of people wandering around chatting and taking in the sights and sounds as well as helping themselves to the many chocolates and cakes on display – as the unsuspecting were subtly drawn in!
There seemed to be plenty of activity going on throughout the day with opportunities for networking and discovering all about new ventures taking off around the area.
‘The Expo is certainly a great way to get to know other businesses and gives you a chance to promote your own business,’ said Amrik Bhabra, ADECS Chief Executive. ‘You get to meet new people and form new alliances. You are also visible to current and potential customers.’

Oct 2015

Hacked off!

Hacking is the new form of spying. If someone was stood outside your front door with a zoom lens taking pictures without your permission – you would be rather alarmed! Steps would be taken to stop them and prevent it from happening again.
People do not realise the impact of hacking – perhaps because one cannot see anyone doing any actual damage we do not perceive the threat to be real. Unfortunately, hackers are becoming rather sophisticated in their ‘spying’ activities. It is becoming even more important to be vigilant when choosing passwords and keeping them secure. Although annoying and frustrating to come up with ever increasing complex combinations of letters and numbers, it really is worth taking some time to think up something that means a lot to you – but not to anyone else.