A link to a video, which when watched slows down any iPhone until it crashes, is being used as the latest iPhone crash prank. The video from the Sina Weibo-backed video-sharing app Miaopai plays normally in the iPhone’s video player, but once the video is finished it can take up to a minute for the iPhone to lock up, requiring a forced reboot to recover it. Most people are unaware that anything has happened and continue to use their smartphone until it either won’t turn back on or locks up in an app, the home screen or with a spinning loading logo on a black screen.

The bug appears to involve the media handling functions of iOS, affects versions of the operating system as far back as iOS 5 and devices from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 7. The older the smartphone – the faster the lockup occurs.

The lockup is not permanent, but requires a soft reset or forced reboot to recover the functionality of the iPhone. Once the iPhone reboots, everything appears to function as normal.

www.theguardian.co.uk (22nd November 2016)