Samsung recalled 2.5 million phones last week after reports emerged of the device exploding during or after charging. Owners of the Galaxy Note 7 have been encouraged to stop using or exchange the devices, and airline passengers were warned by US authorities not to switch on or charge the phones while on board. Aviation authorities in the United Arab Emirates have banned use of the devices on the Emirates and Etihad airlines. Similar bans have been put in place by Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Virgin Australia. The US Federal Aviation Administration also advised against packing the phones into any checked-in luggage.

A statement by Samsung, the world’s biggest mobile phone maker, said that customer safety was the priority and that they would replace all devices that were handed in from 19th September. Samsung has said that battery problems were behind the phones catching fire, but that it was difficult to work out which phones were affected among those sold.

The phone was launched last week and has been otherwise generally well-received by consumers and critics. (10th September 2016)