Web Hosting firm 123-reg has accidently deleted a number of its customers’ websites. 123-reg hosts around 1.7m sites in the UK. The company admitted the error occurred during maintenance which has resulted in the loss of data for some customers. The web host has 800,000 customers in the UK and said that only a ‘small proportion’ of websites had been affected.

Although 123-reg has started a ‘recovery process’ they have advised customers with their own data backup to rebuild their own websites. The data loss has left affected businesses without a website to trade from and 123-reg has been flooded with messages on social media criticizing its limited communication. ‘We need details as we need to start planning on how to salvage anything,’ said one customer.

‘This will wreck my business and plenty of others,’ said another company.

www.bbc.co.uk/news 18th April 2016