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With over 25 years of excellence in IT support, ADECS-Maple offers support packages tailored to your business needs.

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Our Story

ADECS-Maple was established in 1992 as a start up business and was based at the University of Warwick Science Park.  The company has shown grit and determination over the years, tackling tough times and recessions.  ADECS-Maple is also continuously evolving to meet the ever changing needs of clients and adapting to their technology needs.  The team has proved time and time again the ability to put clients’ needs foremost – providing help, advice and assistance whenever, and wherever possible.  Our engineers are always training, learning and improving on their knowledge to ensure the best for all our clients.

Community Projects

ADECS-Maple is also very much involved in the local community.  Our ethos is one of giving back.  A number of our team are involved in a variety of community projects, charity work and also establishing links in education through work with local schools and universities. We are very proud to be based in Coventry, the home of two outstanding universities, people with strength and character, and an area rife with start up businesses determined to do well.  We are central to the country, meaning we are in a great position to easily reach clients over a huge area.

Coventry Chamber of Commerce Patron

Our chief executive, Amrik Bhabra, works closely with the local Chamber of Commerce to ensure we keep abreast of all important decisions, changes to legislation, and ensures local enterprise is always being driven forward.  These are exciting times for the West Midlands.  Local business are taking the global markets of trade and export by storm.  Coventry is showing itself to being a great contender, and we at ADECS-Maple are pleased to be part of this great journey.

Meet the team

Amrik Bhabra


Amrik is an avid member of the community and has always been keen to encourage links between schools, businesses and industry in Coventry. He is a keen Rotarian, a past president of the Coventry Chamber of Commerce, a Trustee of the FInham Park MAT, as well as sitting on numerous boards such as the Belgrade Theatre and the Heart of England Community Foundation.

Amrik is an avid sport spectator, and a huge fan of classic cars.  He is a well-respected and valued member of the Coventry community, with a drive to make a difference and ‘give back’.  This was widely recognised in 2014 when he was awarded an MBE for his efforts.

Michelle Chaplin


Michelle has been with ADECS-Maple for over sixteen years.  As well as looking after the day-to-day running of the Company, Michelle spends most of her evenings and weekends actively involved in Girlguiding and plays an avid role in looking after many a group of young girls and leaders.  Her talents know no bounds as she takes on camping, cooking, craft making, competitions and raising money for charities throughout the year.

Michelle enjoys a good concert – whether it is classical music at the Symphony Hall or rocking out at stadiums around the country.

Stewart Kendrick


Stewart heads up Nettl@ADECS, our creative web studio. As well as helping businesses connect their clients through great design and print, Stewart and his team are now doing the same online by creating beautiful websites and web shops which are mobile-friendly.

Aside from his hectic schedule here at ADECS-Maple, Stewart is a big indie music lover, a regular gig and festival goer as well as a film & Star Wars geek. He’s also a culinary genius in the kitchen!

Maxine Bridgeman


A bubbly, sociable lady, Maxine makes for a great account manager. She loves anything technical and always wants to know more! She is always trying to develop new and efficient ways of doing things.

A real animal lover with a number of her cats coming from animal rescue centres, Maxine also enjoys the great outdoors. She is passionate about wildlife and is a keen gardener. As well as travelling, Maxine has a real love for history, singing (but not karaoke), and watching tennis.

Jonathan Howells


Jonathan has developed his knowledge and expertise whilst working at ADECS-Maple for over fifteen years now. Jonathan regularly meets with current and prospective clients to discuss ideas of how technology can be used to enhance and improve businesses.

Jonathan is an avid fisherman and golfer away from the office. He also enjoys evenings of computer games with his young son.

Richard Sewell


Richard has been with ADECS-Maple for over sixteen years, clocking up a range of experience in the industry.  He is an expert at Citrix as well as having extensive knowledge in the field of computing and programming.

In his spare time, Richard can be found flexing his muscles in the local gym – a pastime he highly rates.  Also passionate about cars, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Adam Crutchlow


Adam helps create new and beautiful new websites by working at the ‘back end’ of web development, putting in all the codes etc to ensure a smooth finish and efficient running system of each site.

Adam enjoys relaxing by playing arcade games as well as retro games in his spare time. He has a love for the great outdoors and enjoys hiking whenever he can. I am told that on occasion he rather enjoys a pint of real ale too!

Howard Mourinho


Howard has dealt with most software and programmes.  Having a super knowledgebase instills great confidence within our clients and enables any problems to be ironed out efficiently and effectively.

Howard loves to participate regularly in sports and coaches an under seven’s team in his local area.  Howard is a great supporter of charities and runs marathons to raise money whenever he can.

Pritti Bhabra


Pritti looks after the marketing of ADECS-Maple and all that the company has to offer. Pritti is a dedicated LEGO fan, and has devoted many hours to building, polishing and displaying various creations for all to visually enjoy. She loves cooking, listening to music, reading, doing jigsaws, and colouring. Pritti quite often tends to do any of these hobbies whilst eating. This helps her to have an appreciation of, and a positive outlook on life in general.

John Bagley


With over 25 years of IT experience, John is a talented engineer who likes to keep his head down and get on with the day-to-day running of the machines at one of our main clients – The Chartered Institute of Housing.
John is an avid fan of reading history books, and quite often finds himself at book fairs looking for the perfect read. John appreciates good food, loves to dine out with his wife and is a fan of classical music.

Paul Bielakovski


Paul has a huge amount of experience in the industry. One of our foremost engineers, Paul has a great amount of knowledge on all things technical and is always on hand to solve any issue as they arise.

Paul enjoys gaming in his spare time, and anything coffee related. A self-taught Barista, he is definitely the one to go to for a good cup of coffee!

Todd Andrews


Todd has over 25 years experience working in the IT industry, with a real love of technology.

From the early days of building computers by hand, to today installing and configuring the latest VPN Remote Access Software, Todd continues to broaden and improve his knowledge of this fast changing IT industry.

Specializing in Desktop OS and Networking Support , Todd really enjoys helping people to get the most out of IT.

Outside of work, Todd loves investigating the latest productivity apps, devices and books, as well as going for walks with his wife and family.

Our Vision

To be the best and most successful provider of IT Support Services in the Midlands

Our Mission

We empower employees to give customers excellent services and this requires upholding company principles for the benefit of all stakeholders involved with the organisation, thereby enabling us to achieve our vision

Our Stakeholders


We employ capable enthusiastic people and give them the necessary resources, training, rewards and recognition thus enabling all employees to maximise their individual contributions to the success of our business.


We provide a range of reliable IT support services, which are continually developed in partnership with our customers to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the market.


We maximise shareholder value by involving all of our stakeholders and suppliers in providing market leading services, which satisfy our customers within a framework of continuous improvement and sound financial management.


We benefit by operating safely, caring for the environment, helping appropriate voluntary organisations and promoting business excellence.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

‘ADECS-Maple provide us with a useful day-to-day monitoring and trouble-shooting service (they also resell us a remote backup facility); although we have a degree of IT technical competence, we have to fall back on ADECS-Maple when there is a problem we can’t solve, and they also warn us when we are running low on resource (e.g. memory), or if there are other conditions that need attention. We rely on ADECS-Maple for server upgrades and advice regarding our future needs.’

Charlie Davis


‘We have been with ADECS-Maple for over twelve years and have always  found they will go the extra mile for you. The engineers are friendly, efficient and speak to you in a language you can understand.  They help us Project Manage our system and have been paramount in designing and advising of the most efficient and cost effective ways of running the theatre. I enjoy a high level of trust with the team at ADECS-Maple, their advice is always sound and based on what budget constraints we are working to in this age of austerity. I value this company highly and would recommend them without hesitation.’

Denise Duncombe

Belgrade Theatre

‘ADECS-Maple have provided IT support for The Training Foundation for a long time and that in itself speaks volumes for the level of service they provide. As well as our weekly visits to monitor the systems and make any necessary repairs or installations they provide support via the phone or e-mail all the staff are knowledgeable, flexible, very helpful and carry out their tasks in a friendly fashion.’

Dave Hickling

The Training Foundation

‘ADECS-Maple have provided excellent technical support to our firm and offer sound business advice for IT solutions..’

Mark Mosley

Band Hatton

‘ADECS-Maple have been very useful with the implementation of our new computers and programs. We are very happy with the service they provide. If we do encounter problems they are quickly solved.’

Sadie Bennett

Warwick Sasco

‘ADECS-Maple have provided us with remote network support for a number of years and we are pleased to report their service is excellent. Any problems are responded to in a timely and professional manner, so we have no hesitation in recommending them to provide full IT support services.’

Peter Fisher


‘During the finance upgrade Ethan has been very patient and accommodating. He has a great customer focus and really tries to see things from the users point of view, this customer service focus is great to see in an IT person who often is dealing with people less technically able. He has helped me manage this change by accommodating requests, nothing seems like too big an issue for him, even when I know he is busy he responds with a smile on his face!’

Sarah Hayward-Bradley

Head of Finance, Garden Organic