IT Support

ADECS-Maple has a range of support solutions to suit every budget or business requirement, including remote support, server & desktop monitoring and both software & hardware solutions.

Remote Support

This is a suitable product for any business that has no internal IT function and is looking for a partner to manage their PC’s, servers and hosted environments. It is built on a core range of services:

  • Remote monitoring of PC’s and servers (either on-site or in the cloud)
  • Unlimited success to the remote helpdesk and support team either by telephone, email or support portal
  • Pro-active issue prevention and fixing via ADECS-Maple remote support technologies

Service Monitoring

With the ADECS-Maple Proactive Server Monitoring Solution we can easily and effectively monitor and manage the health of one of the most critical aspects of your business – “the server”. Our Proactive Server Monitoring Software watches over key parts of your server and alerts you or our Helpdesk (depending on your Service Agreement with ADECS-Maple) to any issues, so they can be resolved, before they become a larger problem that causes costly downtime. ADECS-Maple offer two categories of Server Monitoring for both Windows and Linux: ’24/7 Round-the-Clock’ Checks and the ‘Daily Safety Check’

Windows Server Monitoring - 24/7 Checks
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • Windows Service
  • Disk Space
  • Critical Events
  • PING Checks
  • SNMP Check
  • TCP Service Checks
  • Website Checks
  • Roll Your Own Event Log Check
  • File Size Check
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
Daily Safety Checks available for Windows Servers
  • Anti-Virus Pattern File Check daily-safety-checks
  • Backup Complete Check
  • Drive Space Consumption Check
  • Critical Events Check
  • Microsoft Exchange Check
  • Hacker Check
  • Physical Disk Check
Linux Server Monitoring - 24/7 Checks
  • Bandwidth Monitoring Check Alert-suppression
  • File System Space Check
  • Linux Daemon Check
  • Log File Check
  • Performance Monitoring Check
  • PING Check
  • Process Check
  • Script Check
  • TCP Service Check
  • Web Page Check
Daily Safety Checks available for Linux Servers
  • Antivirus Update Check  mysql check
  • Backup Check
  • File System Space Change Check
  • Hacker Check
  • Log File Check
  • MTA Queue Check
  • MySQL Check
  • Package Management Check
  • Physical Disk Health Check
  • Physical Memory Health Check
  • Process Check
  • Script Check

Workstation Monitoring

The ADECS-Maple Workstation Monitoring Service means that you can rest assured that your PC’s, Laptops or Mac’s are in business-ready condition each and every day.

Our proactive health checks test key components of the system each morning alerting you or our Helpdesk (depending on your Service Agreement with ADECS-Maple) to any potential issues. We’ll be able to spot problems – almost always before they cause user downtime

Windows Workstation checks
  • Event logs
  • Antivirus update check, to ensure latest definition files are being used
  • Drive space change check, to alert you to problems that are causing drive space to be consumed at a rapid rate
  • Disk health check, to alert you to failing disks
  • Hacker check, to alert you to a high rate of unauthorised login attempts
  • Windows services check, to report on services which are set to auto-start
  • SNMP
  • RAID array
OSX Workstation Monitoring checks

Available now on Beta, OSX Workstation Monitoring currently provides the following range of invaluable and comprehensive checks, with more to come – watch this space!

  • File system space check
  • Log file check
  • OSX Daemon check
  • Process check
  • Apple system log check
  • File system space change
  • Hacker check
  • Log file check
  • OSX update check
  • Physical disk health check

SNMP and Network Monitoring

ADECS-Maple provides a comprehensive range of remote SNMP monitoring, network monitoring and performance management solutions so you can easily and affordably look after your servers, networking equipment, remote offices and websites.

Our solutions put you in control by offering:
  • SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) monitoring
  • Network device connectivity
  • TCP service monitoring
  • Network security
Network security audit
ADECS-Maple provides a suite of tools to quickly and easily monitor network security on firewall ports, unauthorized login attempts, security patch management, antivirus signature file update check and back-up success.
Manage security risks on the network with TCP service monitoring

The ADECS-Maple TCP Service Check alerts you to security risks and malfunctioning TCP/IP Services/applications, so you can spot developing problems on the network, and fix them before they become bigger problems.

The TCP Check monitors a specified port on an IP address or hostname on the LAN, WAN or internet, and alerts you if it is either open or closed. Use it to:

  • Check specific ports – like 25 (SMTP), 80 (HTTP), 3389 (RDP), 1723 (PPTP) – are open when they shouldn’t be
  • Test systems availability/function with the TCP services check
  • Check the email server is accepting email
  • Check that the database server is available
  • Check that the network services DNS, DHCP, Wins, etc. are up
  • Check that the web server is accepting connections
  • Check that the required ports on non-Windows operating systems – such as Linux, Unix or Apple Mac – are not accepting connections
  • VPN services are available to remote users
Network device connectivity

The ADECS-Maple PING check provides an easy and effective way of testing network device connectivity. In just 10 minutes you can configure a number of PING Checks for the devices – on the LAN or external network – that are critical to daily business operation.

Test network device connectivity for the availability of critical network devices; printers, photocopiers, routers etc, within the local network, to ensure remote offices are contactable, test non Windows devices such as Linux, Unix or Apple Mac are operating, or PING web and email servers to check that they are live.

When a device goes down you or our Helpdesk (depending on your Service Agreement with ADECS-Maple) will be alerted immediately via SMS or email, so fast responses can take place to restore the connection and keep business up and running.

Remote network security
The Network Security Monitoring tools help you analyze network security so you are alerted immediately to any malicious activity. Knowing that your security infrastructure is in place provides the added peace of mind that networks and data are secure.
SNMP monitoring

The ADECS-Maple SNMP monitoring makes it easy to stay on top of any SNMP-enabled network device and report the status back to your dashboard. One consolidated dashboard view makes it easy to stay on top of even the most diverse IT and business infrastructure.

Monitor any SNMP-enabled device; server room aircon units; manufacturing instrumentation; industrial fridges; vending and ticket machines; heating and cooling plants; security and fire systems and more.

The ADECS-Maple SNMP monitoring polls the device itself, rather than waiting for the device to issue a trap. This gives the added benefit of also confirming the device is still there –  think of it as a sort of SNMP PING check.

IT Consultancy

The large array of differing business and organisations that we have been supporting since our inception in 1992 means that we have built a solid foundation of IT knowledge and best practice and our engineers are able to pass on this knowledge throughout our customer base.

Our philosophy has always been to ensure that the client gains the most value from our service and this includes encouraging our engineers to educate the users as well as deal with their support needs. This isn’t something that we force upon our clients. We are here to provide the service you require but we don’t try and keep the processes and procedures we use a secret in the hope that you won’t be able to move away at some point in time. We have a very high client retention rate with many clients being with us in excess of 10 years and this is achieved by providing a solid and open service and by working in partnership with the client.

As Microsoft and IBM partners we are able to leverage product support for our clients that would ordinarily only be available to large corporates with big IT spends. With access to vendor specific third party support at pre-sales, sales and implementation levels you can rest assured that your project will be handled in a professional and efficient manner. As a small business ourselves we understand the risk and pain that a complex IT project can bring if not handled correctly and we always manage our projects with the minimum impact to the client as our main focus.

We understand that different businesses require different things from their consultancy and support. An MD or FD may be looking for someone to help relieve the pressure of finding technical and procedural solutions to business processes whilst an IT manager may need help with the more mundane tasks of IT support leaving them free to focus on strategy and development. We appreciate the differing needs and focus our advice and service to ensure the true goals of the business are met and not just the supply of technology for technology’s sake.

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