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ADECS-Maple has a range of support solutions to suit every budget or business requirement, including remote support, server & desktop monitoring and both software & hardware solutions.

Virtual Private Server

Improve your remote users accessibility with a Virtual Private Server
Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a perfect solution for business owners who require a powerful and flexible cloud based virtual server, but do not need a full blown dedicated server.
VPS are suitable to be used as webservers, FTP servers, mail servers, database servers with an SLA of 99.99%
What a VPS offers you is a dedicated server environment that is located on shared hardware. You purchase a dedicated allocation of resources, and they are not shared with other users.  To the end-user, a virtual servers functionally is identical to a dedicated server. So essentially, a VPS offers you the same level of control as a dedicated server, but without the price-tag. However, that doesn’t mean that VPS is an inferior product to a dedicated server far from it. Depending upon the implementation, a virtual server can offer distinct advantages over its physical counterpart.

Key benefits

Multi-site hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the cost effective way to host multiple websites from one account, without the cost of running your own standalone dedicated server.

Complete control

All VPS come with full administrative access, including root access, allowing administrators to install their own software.

Multiple users

Virtual private Servers can be used for file servers, database servers, email servers and development servers.

Features and specifications

Our VPS product is built upon the KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualisation technology. We use the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge r7xx series servers, optimised for virtualisation, to provide a stable platform.

Upto 32gb RAM
Upto 500gb disk space
Upto 12vCPUs
CentOS 5 & 6, Ubuntu 11/10/LTS or Windows Server 2008 OS
Full Root Access
Unlimited bandwidth
100 Mbit/s network
RAID 10 SAS disks
Out of band VNC/ SSH console

VPS – Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use my VPS for?
Absolutely anything you like, provided it is legal.
What is the benefit of having more virtual CPUs?
Increasing your number of virtual CPUs will allow you to parallelise processes so that they may complete more rapidly. Each virtual CPU is assigned to a physical core on the VPS host machine.
What type of hardware do you use?
Each physical server has 8 x 10k SAS disks for primary storage, in a RAID-10 array, to provide full storage redundancy and high-speed access to data, and a top-end PERC RAID card with battery-backed cache to ensure the integrity of your data and no storage bottlenecks. We use flash memory for the boot volume, to ensure fast booting and to minimize downtime during upgrades. Each physical server has 12 Intel Xeon cores, designed for heavy server workloads, and 144GB of RAM to accommodate the present and future memory needs of each virtual server.
How many IPs do I get?
Each VPS comes with one free IP address. Additional IPs can be ordered for £3.50 a month (ex VAT).
How long will an upgrade take?
Upgrades occur immediately. If your disk is being upgraded, a reboot will be necessary.
What if I want to change my OS?
You can request a rebuild to an alternative OS from the VPS control panel, this will begin immediately.

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